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Sans PenTest Blog Guest Post NodeJS

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If you have ever taken a class with me or met me you know I’m pretty relentless and have a bit of fun with the way we design our programming languages. I mostly do this to bridge the gap between those of us, like me, who had a longer career without using development tools and practices, and those who spent their career deep in programming. Over the years, we have approached certain languages with disdain, notably languages like PHP. This blog post will not be about PHP, instead it will be about NodeJS but go with me.

How do I describe PHP? It’s basically a web Interface to C translation tool. PHP was written in C, that is true. Like other languages, however that are used for web development today it doesn’t have the concept of a security paradigm in it. Believe it or not, as horrific as this sounds at least Java and .NET have a notion for Security Models.

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