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Not just a Renegade

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The long strange road.

When Gina and I got married, we took a long hard look at each other, not in the way many would think. It was never about “should we get married” or “is this the right decision”? Those questions are not deserving of this kind of post. This, no, this was different. I ask my friends, what’s in a name? Many people know me by Moses, and maybe a few operators may say, Renegade. That alone is hilarious because that was never meant to be my handle. Renegade was a play on something that I was working on.

Here is my juxtaposition, my wife if she was me, may have changed her last name and would have to go through the considerable effort and trouble to do so. There are many procedural things, drivers license, bank records, contacting all sorts of companies and businesses. Think of the countless of hours wasted. We never think of these things because when we move to do it, it’s for an emotional reason. Then there is the bigger issue. Your BRAND.

What is a personal brand? There is so much here to unpack. When we get married or divorced, if your wife decides to change her last name, it’s just as great of a change as when Starbucks just became a mermaid and famously dropped its name. It is like starting or a real brand

My wife, myself, and my step-daughter had 3 last names for the past few years. It was relatively difficult to deal with because we had been in each other’s lives for almost a decade. People that would look weirdly at us because we each had three separate surnames. As a family though, I would never have it any other way. Maybe it’s just bitter scars from other days. No longer, after a bit of negotiating and almost a year of legal fluff, today I got the news. Now begins the fun, looking forward to all the paperwork.

-M Moses Frost @mosesrenegade

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