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I never thought of speaking as a gift, but it really is one. I believe that speaking and providing not just entertainment but empowerment, education, and most importantly a renegade thinking.

This page includes a list of presentations I’ve given over the years, but I suspect this list will continue to grow.

April 2015 - BSides Orlando 2015 Keynote

BSIDES Orlando 2015 Keynote. In this talk I cover a few topics. Including, which in retrospect was quite controversial but also quite a bit of prediction, IOT would lead us to Regulation. Topics:

  • Can we fail, not get fired, and be better for it?
  • Regulation and IOT
  • Case Studies as a way of learning

Yo Dog I got some RegZ!

Youtube: BSides 2015 Keynote

April 2014 - Leaving Gorams Cave

This talk was given throughout the year 2014. I presented it local groups and was the discussion and foundation for the 2015 set of talks. I welcome any comments or review of this presentation. DevSecOps, DevOpsSec, basically DevOps and Security make great friends.

Leaving Gorams Cave

May 2014 - Do we need Agile PenTesting?

Do we need Agile Pentesting? I am not sure. Lets deconstruct the concept. This was presented at the Cisco RTP Cyber Security Summit in April 2014. I wanted to make sure others saw this before I put my thoughts in to the bit bucket of life.

Cisco RTP Agile Pentesting

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